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RCLC is Maryland Accredited and Licensed

Riversong CLC is a Maryland-accredited child care facility, operating underneath a Child Development Program License from the Maryland State Department of Education, and a Certificate of Occupancy permit from St. Mary's County.

What is program accreditation?

Program accreditation is a process by which early care and education programs can significantly improve the quality of the services they provide. In this process, a program voluntarily pursues self-study, program improvement, and external program review in order to achieve and publicly confirm that it meets national or state quality standards.

The accreditation process presents a clear, consistent strategy to improve the quality of early childhood education services. This strategy is "clear" because all participating programs implement a set process for program improvement, and it is "consistent" because programs operate with the same set of national or state standards.

What is the difference between child care licensing, school regulation, and program accreditation?

Head Start programs, child care centers, and family child care homes are required to be licensed or registered by the MSDE Division of Early Childhood Development, Office of Child Care.

Regulations for public school pre-kindergarten and kindergarten programs are issued by the State Board of Education and administered by the local boards of education. The licensing and regulatory requirements are minimum standards for operating programs.

Program accreditation implies that services must move beyond mere licensing and regulatory requirements. Program accreditation standards represent the highest quality and reflect research-based, best practices in early childhood education.

Where can I learn more?

You can read more about the Maryland child care accreditation program here.

You can review the licensing documents by clicking to view a larger image.

License License

The actual documents are posted for review in the main room of the Riversong facility, as required by law. Our Father's House logo