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Robin Beale

Robin Beale is the Director of RCLC.

Robin is a licensed and ordained Minister from the Church of God in Cleveland Tennessee. She is a graduate of the Youth Challenge International Bible Institute in Sunbury Pa, and holds a BA degree in Christian Education from the National Bible College in Fort Washington, Maryland.

Over the years, she has directed the Country Hills Montessori Daycare and Victory Learning Center, both in Michigan, and was Director of The Masterís Touch Christian Academy and Daycare in White Plains, Maryland.

She has taken many classes, attended many conferences, and participated as a speaker in the Early Childhood Education field. She has been a trainer for the Hope Organization in Maryland, teaching and training teachers in Ninety Hour classes, a requirement for staff to become Early Childhood teachers.

Robin now acts as a consultant for brand new childcare centers, and has helped successfully launch six centers, and acted as the first Director for several of these centers.

Robin says about herself:

My name is Robin Phillips Beale; Iíd like to share a few things about myself. In my youth I became a Christian. I am so grateful that Jesus Christ is with me! I am the eldest child of the Reverend Earl Phillips (deceased) and Evelyn Phillips. I have a wonderful seven year old son; becoming a mother was one of the greatest events in my life. I am also a licensed and ordained Minister, and I have traveled as a missionary and preached in many churches and worked for years in Youth Ministry.

I believe teaching is a calling. I donít feel you choose to be a teacher; instead you are chosen to be a teacher by God. From as far back as I can remember, I would gather other playmates and teach or preach to them; I taught children to tie their shoes, learn the alphabet, and write their names, and told them that Jesus loves them. I remember thinking upon entering my kindergarten class at the Denbigh Christian Academy "what a privilege I have been given to love, educate and help enrich a childís life for ever." I started a tutorial program at the Academy by teaching children early phonics and math; this allowed them to pass the entry exam so they could attend the school.

Since that time I have had the privilege to teach classes from kindergarten through third grade. I chose to become a director many years ago because I wanted to provide a learning experience for children starting from birth. I wanted to train a staff who would guide children in a learning experience that was Christ centered, fun, and creative. Together, we would teach children early to embrace differences and approach life challenges with positive self esteem.

At the Country Hills Montessori Daycare, many of my children were learning English for the first time. Some were bilingual, and many of the children were from India. The children and the parents were wonderful, as my staff and I guided the children in a learning experience.

At Victory Learning Center, my staff and I taught the ABEKA program. What a joy! I also enjoyed watching my babies learn to turn over, sit up, crawl and even walk for the first time. The experience each day was magnetic.

During my stay in Michigan I assisted in opening a twenty-four hour childcare center and acted as Director for a season. It was the first one of its kind in the area.

Upon moving to Maryland, I taught and worked in several childcare centers, and I enjoyed the experience. I started Hope Christian Learning Center in my home, and graduated a group of children that went on to first grade. I also tutored children while directing this center.

I am the former director of The Masterís Touch Christian Academy and Daycare in White Plains, Maryland a wonderful facility with a loving hard-working staff. There I worked with children from infancy through five-year-old Kindergarten, and a Before- and After-Care program.

I believe children look for persons that will love them, care for them, believe in them, and challenge them to learn. Parents look for someone that will provide all of the above and a safe environment besides. I have endeavored to be that person, and to train my staff to be those persons.

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