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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the daily planned routine for each age group?

How are unplanned illnesses and absences handled?

How will inclement weather days be announced?

What are the rules if I need another adult to pick up my child?

Can I create an emergency "code word" so I can call and notify RCLC about an unplanned non-parent pickup?

Is there any discount for federal holidays where RCLC is closed?

Riversong is part of a church; is church membership a requirement?

What is the policy for flexibility in pickup/dropoff times?

What happens if I'm late to pick up my child?

What is the child-to-worker ratio?

Will you tutor my child, or oversee their homework, during after-care?

Do you have any study hall space where my after-care child can study?

Can breastmilk or specialized foods be properly refrigerated and fed to my children?

How are allergies handled?

Which schools have pickup/dropoff at the site for before- and after-care?

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