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Our Philosophy

We believe, as Jesus did, that children are very important people. We think of them not just as future leaders, but vibrant little people who have access to the same Holy Spirit as anyone else. The name Riversong is derived from the River of Life that is described in Revelation and from the new song the Lord gives according to Psalm 40.

We believe that children are best nurtured by parents and extended family, but we find that is not always possible in our present culture. Riversong Christian Learning Center partners with you the parents, and with other caregivers, to provide the strength, comfort, direction, and growth that children need in order to realize the potential that God has given each one.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to see each child learn to love and serve God and others with all the gifts that God has ordained for him or her.

Our Goals

Our goal is to provide developmentally appropriate learning experiences for your child in a Christ- centered, loving and safe environment. We will meet the following program goals:

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