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Riversong Rules and Regulations

Once your child is enrolled, you will receive a Parent Handbook with complete information. We know you want solid information about exactly how your children will be treated, and what we expect of you in return. We'll make sure you have complete access to that information.

Here is a SUMMARY of the rules and regulations. This is NOT a complete list, and the current Parent Handbook and documents available at Riversong's facility will always supercede anything posted on this website.


Admission is contingent on the availability of space in the learning center. We will offer limited part-time availability.

When you are offered a space in RCLC, the registration process begins and a $25.00 registration fee is paid. The following forms will be issued by the director and must be completed before admission:

Arrival and Departure

Payment Policy

Parents/ Guardians are responsible for payment of weekly tuition. All payments must be made prior to services for care being rendered. Payment will be due every Friday by 6:00 p.m. for the next week. A Parent/Guardian who does not pay by the due date will be denied service until payment in full is received. After five consecutive days of non-payment, your child's space will be forfeited.

The Parent/Guardian must pay a deposit equal to one week's fee at the time of registration.

Withdrawal from Care Policy

The Parent/Guardian may withdraw a child or children from childcare at any time. A written two-week notice must be given in advance of the last day of enrollment. The non-refundable deposit given at registration of one week's fee will apply to the last week of service. If two weeks' notice is not provided in writing, the deposit will be forfeited.

Late Arrivals

No child will be admitted into the center after 10:00 am. Late arrivals disrupt the flow of the classroom.

Late Pick-up Fees

A late pick-up fee of $1.00 per minute will be assessed to parents/ guardians picking up their children. This late fee will be due at the time of pick up or the next day prior to services being rendered. This is very important, because late pick-ups affect staff schedules and impact their personal commitments.

Health Policy

Riversong Christian Learning Center's health policies are designed to maximize the number of well days for all children, their parents, and staff by excluding sick children from group care. The staff will visually check each child upon arrival for signs of illness. No child who is obviously ill may be admitted into RCLC.

Children who become ill while at the Center will be removed from the group, and their parents will be notified to pick them up, or provide for pick-up, immediately.

Children will be excluded from care for any of these symptoms:

Certain infectious diseases will require a doctor's note to return, and illnesses require a complete 24 hour recovery period, giving medicine time to work.


The Director or an appointed Senior Staff will administer all medication to children, with appropriate documentation from the parent/guardian. Non-prescription medication such as cough syrups or Tylenol can only be administered once, according to Maryland law. Some as-needed medication (such as Asthma medication) must still be signed in on a daily basis. A medical request for any on-going medications needs a doctor's note. Over-the-counter medications such as Tylenol, antihistamines, decongestants, cough syrups, diaper ointments and salves will be administered ONLY with a detailed doctor's note. All medication MUST be signed in and locked up by staff. Certain non-prescription medicines such as sunburn ointment, lip balm, and hand lotions can also be accomodated.


Children must stay current on all required immunizations, and parents must provide appropriate documentation on a regular basis.

Lead Testing

Children must have a completed lead test upon entering childcare. This test is mandatory under Maryland law.

Nutrition and Rest

RCLC will provide breakfast and two snacks following all child and Adult Food Program USDA requirements. A monthly breakfast and snack menu will be given to all parents.

Breakfast will be served no later than 7:30 each morning, ensuring that our before-care children have sufficient time to eat. Please note parents of infants must bring all food and bottles all prepared. RCLC staff can't mix formula. All children will bring in their own lunches! RCLC will provide two evening snacks.

Lunches will be made at home and served at RCLC.

Each child will take a nap! Your child doesn't have to sleep, but he or she must lie on a cot quietly respecting the rights of the other children. Check your child's class schedule for nap time. Please make sure your child has a standard size crib sheet, blanket, and small pillow if needed! Our Father's House logo